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History of the business card

As you may have noticed, Ooprint loves business cards.  And we’re not the only ones.  Professionals, students, advertisers, even bloggers use them to promote themselves, their businesses and their ideas.  But where and when did these wondrous cards come from??

Business cards as we know them today evolved from a fusion of trade cards and visiting cards. 

Trade cards became popular in 17th century London, and were used as advertising and as maps, directing the public to merchant’s stores (no formal street address numbering system existed at the time). 


Visiting cards, or calling cards, date back to 15th century China but are more popularly recognized as a trait of proper etiquette of 17th century Europe. The footmen of visiting aristocrats would give a visiting card to the servants of the host to announce the guest’s arrival.  Visiting cards were often highly ornamental and boasted family coats of arms.


Today business cards are used by almost every company and professional.  Technology has evolved such that cards can be printed in color, and include photos or logos.  The business card design has changed as well; some business cards are so creative that they appear to be works of art.

Preview_5426 Preview_3199_2  Preview_3310

Ooprint is proud to offer a wide variety of business card formats and designs.  From colorful square cards and flashy vertical promotional cards, to ornate calling cards and modern blogger cards . . . Ooprint is making business card history in the 21st century.

Photo credits: http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~carpediem/images/people/P%20Williams%20Card.JPG


Business card 2.0

Attention all bloggers . . .

Ooprint is proud to introduce the Business Card 2.0!! 

Preview_5406Your “blogger card” allows you to leave your mark (or rather, your URL) outside the digital world. 

A particularly neat concept: the tag cloud, which you can customize to focus on key words that are important to you and your blog. 

Check out our blogger cards here:

US bloggers

UK bloggers


Ooprint launches its improved UK site!

Ooprint is proud to announce their not new, but improved,UK website.  Ooprint UK has been updated with many new products, new designs, and a new look!  We invite you to check out our many personal and professional printed products.  Here are a few highlights:

Preview_5153 FREE Business cards: 100 quality business cards, FREE!  Choose from a number of designs and options (font colours, designs on the back, protective holder, carrying case). 

Blank Models: Are you a designer? Or just feeling creative?  You can upload your artwork, photos, and compositions onto our blank models.  We have formats for postcards, business cards, flyers, greeting cards, correspondence cards, and invitations!

Square cards:  Stand out with our square cards!  These mini business cards are perfect for publicity.  Express yourself with the many colours, patterns, and images available. 

Preview_3336  Preview_3310  Preview_3342


Ooprint, of course, still offers their quality business cards, as well as vertical business cards and large format business cards.  You can also find many other professional and personal printed products, from letterhead to wedding and birth announcements.

Ooprint prints within 24 hours. 

Delivery to the UK is only 5–6 days by regular mail, or 48 hours with DHL!

Visit us at www.ooprint.co.uk


Vive Ooprint!

Comparatif_ooprint_3Congratulations to our French ooprint site!

The June 2007 issue of the French business magazine Entreprise ranked ooprint as the top online printing site in France.

The study compared 7 different online printers and considered aspects such as free business card offer, price, website layout, and ease of use.

Ooprint was named the favorite, with a ranking of five stars! 

In second place, the competitor

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