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Happy Holidays from Ooprint

Ooprint would like to wish our wonderful customers "Happy Holidays"!

Preview_5770Haven't sent your Holiday Cards yet?  Don't panic, there is still time to place orders for a New Years 2008 card on ooprint.com. 

Preview_6254 And if you'd like to order the work of one of the talented finalists in the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition, you have until January 15th!!

Again, Happy Holidays from the Ooprint team!


Global shipping with ooprint.com

Globalshippinglogo_3Ooprint gets many e-mails from customers all over the world, and often they're asking the same question:

"Do you ship to ______?"

The answer is "Yes!!  We do!"

One of the Ooprint advantages is global shipping.  We are able to deliver our products anywhere in the world, by either regular mail or DHL express delivery.

When you place your order, simply choose the country of delivery from the drop-down menu.  If you don't see your country listed, send a message to the Ooprint customer service and we will be sure to add your country to our shipping list.

To learn more about about global shipping, delivery time, and shipping costs, please visit our shipping information page.


Design Competition cards available for sale!


The wait is over!

The Holiday Greeting Cards designed by the finalists of the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition are now available for sale on ooprint.com!!

The best-selling card will win the competition Grand Prize and the designer will earn a cash prize!  So, please order freely!

These cards will only be available until January 15th, at which point we will announce the winners of the Grand Prize and Jury Prize.  So be sure to check our blog to find out the results of the competition!


Add your own art!

Ooprint would like to especially thank the art students of Fang Studios in California, United States for taking such a great interest in our Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition.  We received some wonderful designs from these students, featured below:

Anniechen_2 Doreenekang_2 Shirleyshao_2 Alicewang_2

      Annie Chen          Doreene Kang        Shirley Shao            Alice Wang

Derekxiao_2 Shannonyu_3 Gracezhang_2

    Derek Xiao              Shannon Yu           Grace Zhang 

We'd also like to thank them for sharing a great idea . . . add your own art to your Holiday Greeting Cards!

Ooprint offers Blank Models in every format, from business cards to greeting cards.  Simply upload your own PDF or JPG file to the appropriate blank model, and ooprint will print your own designs!!

This is especially a great idea during the holiday season.  Artists, why not send a holiday card featuring your original work?  and Parents, you can send a holiday card showing off the talent of your children!

Again, thanks Fang Studios for sharing your beautiful designs and great ideas!!


Facebook me!

Now that Facebook is open to everyone, you need a way to network with the world!  Sure, you have a profile with a stunning photo of yourself, you're a member of 50 groups, you've listed your impressive education and job information, and you have installed applications to do everything from hug your friends to compare movie trivia knowledge with strangers.  But are you actually meeting people on Facebook? 

Ooprint has the solution . . . ooprint biz card for Facebook!!


This neat application allows you to:

Show it off!  Add your personalized ooprint biz card to your profile

Get it free!  Order 100 printed cards FREE on ooprint.com

Pass it around! Hand out your ooprint biz card and connect offline!

Facebook is coming alive in the real world, so don't miss out.  Add the ooprint biz card to your profile and order your 100 FREE printed cards (shipping not included), and start networking now!!


Congratulations finalists!!

The first ever Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition was more popular than we could have imagined!

We received over 150 entries, and our designers cam from 16 countries: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Madagascar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, United States, and Wales.

Without further ado . . .

Congratulations to our finalists!!

Ana Aceves, UK

Aftab Arab, UK

Maegan Birri, USA

Tania Duffault, France

Eric Gainer, USA

Laetitia Gavini, France

Jennifer Gordon, USA

Nathan Hoffman, USA

Vladislava Hristova, Bulgaria

Samia Labib, Canada

Julia Laguarda, USA

Jocelyne Loaec, France

George Ovlachi, Hungary

Edith Pojum, Romania

Gaël Rabarijaona, Madagascar

Sanja Salih, Serbia

Maud Talêque, France

Ka Long To, USA

Joël Van Hoef, Belgium

Alice Wang, USA

Their designs are shown below and will also be added for sale on the ooprint websites from December 10th to January 15th.

Anaaceves1_2 Sanjaanja2 Aftabarab1 Maeganbirri1

Ana Aceves      Sanja Salih         Aftab Arab        Maegan Birri    

Taniaduffaut1 Ericgainer1_2 Laetitiagavini2 Jennifergordon1

  Tania Duffault      Eric Gainer        Laetitia Gavini   Jennifer Gordon

Jennifergordon2 Jennifergordon3 Jennifergordon4 Jennifergordon5

Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon

Jennifergordon6_2 Jennifergordon7 Jennifergordon8 Jennifergordon9

Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon

Jennifergordon10 Nathanhoffman1 Vladislava_hristova_1_page_1 Samialabib1

Jennifer Gordon  Nathan Hoffman Vladislava Hrisotva   Samia Labib

Julialaguarda1 Julialaguarda2 Jocelyneloaec2 Jocelyneloaec1

  Julia Laguarda    Julia Laguarda   Jocelyne Loaec   Jocelyne Loaec

Georgeovlachi1 Georgeovlachi2 Edithpojum3 Edithpojum4

George Ovlachi   George Ovlachi     Edith Pojum         Edith Pojum

Galrabarijaona3 Galrabarijaona4 Maudtalque1 Kalongto1

Gaël Rabarijaona Gaël Rabarijaona   Maud Talêque       Ka Long To

Joelvanhoef1 Joelvanhoef3 Joelvanhoef4 Joelvanhoef6

Joel Van Hoef      Joel Van Hoef     Joel Van Hoef      Joel Van Hoef

Joelvanhoef7 Joelvanhoef9 Joelvanhoef12 Alicewang3_2

  Joel Van Hoef     Joel Van Hoef     Joel Van Hoef       Alice Wang


The best-selling card will be awarded the Grand Prize of $1000.  The Jury Prize of $500 will be awarded based on design merit and decided by the Ooprint team.  Both winners will be announced on January 15, 2008.

Ooprint would like to thank all of the Design Competition participants:

Annie Chen, USA

Isabelle Choi, Canada

Hannah Christopher, India

Sarah Chubb, UK

Benoît Collange, France

Anne Collaud, France

Katie Conrad, USA

Sudipta Dasgupta, India

VinhToan Duong, USA

Anne-Sophie Dupire, France

Elizabeth Ellenwood, USA

Anthea Elliot, UK

Michéle Guérineau, France

Sybil Harris, UK

Doreen Kang, USA

Shekhar Kumar, India

James Levannais, Wales

Milva Ljutova, Bulgaria

Daria Malyushina, Russia

Omar Marcos, USA

Eric Matveeff, France

Yael Miller, USA

Magali Parise, France

Silky Patel, India

Lori Pearson, USA

Nina Penewa, Bulgaria

Ashley Penja, Australia

Katrina Poor, USA

Kalina Popova, Bulgaria

Juha Roisko, Finland

Ilaria Rosso, UK

Sébastien Saouter, France

Annabel Seaton, UK

Shirley Shao, USA

Rebecca Sherfey, USA

Marie-Ange Solas, France

Robyn Virtue, USA

Derek Xiao, USA

Shannon Yu, USA

Grace Zhang, USA

Unfortunately, we couldn't pick everyone to be a finalist.  But, we hope that you will all participate in our competition again next year!

Again, congratulations to all on your excellent designs!!

Stay updated on the competition outcome by visiting our blog.

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