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Secretaries, it's YOUR day!

It is one of the top occupations in the United States* and yet those who practice this profession are too often unnoticed and underappreciated.  They are the unsung heroes of the office: secretaries.

The term “secretary” covers a number of diverse professions: medical secretary, legal assistant, P.A., administrative assistant, social secretary, executive assistant.  Each shares common key characteristics: exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills.  In addition to these human qualities, secretaries often possess specific expertise such as proficiency in multiple languages and knowledge of office and accounting software.

To honor these important employees, we celebrate Secretary’s Day (officially “Administrative Professionals Day”) on April 22nd.  A small gesture of appreciation for the people who take care of everything from travel arrangements, ordering business cards, and tracking expenses to internal communications, organizing company events, and repairing the office coffee machine.  Don’t forget to acknowledge the hard work, patience, and dedication of your secretaries that make your business a success. 

A very special thank you, of course, to the secretaries at ooprint J

* According to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Employment Statistics


The spirit of spring

Spring spirit

Spring has arrived, and with it fresh business card designs!

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