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MicroDon: The card that keeps on giving


Professionals, individuals, and even not-for-profit companies trust ooprint to supply them with printed products. Such is the case of microDON, a French organization whose purpose is to aid companies with fundraising campaigns for various associations (humanitarian, social, or environmental).  microDON also proposes a complementary charitable operation which is centered on the carteDON (literally, a gift card), which is located at the checkout lines of supermarkets and allows customers to make a donation to a specific association sponsored by the given supermarket.  A very noble activity which merits public attention and publicity!


To get the word out about its activity, microDON relies in part on printed marketing materials.  As they already have their own style guidelines, the organization chose from our collection of blank models, giving them the possibility to upload their own original designs.  In particular, MicroDon personalized invitation cards to announce their launch.  Similarly, they uploaded their design to our blank model business cards for their employees.  In just a few clicks microDON was able to order a collection of completely personalized printed products.     


Whether your have your own graphic guidelines or not, you can order your printed products on ooprint. Either upload your creations to one of our blank models, or choose from our collections of business cards and invitations.

Invite your clients to a cocktail hour with our professional invitations!


In these difficult economic times, it is essential to communicate about your company to remain competitive. Chances are high that your competitors propose less and less expensive and more and more interesting offers. Think of a more creative and original means of attracting new customers and developing their loyalty. Why not to organize a special event? A cocktail party, for example, is a nice and inexpensive opportunity (especially if you collaborate with partners) to thank your customers for their trust.


Ooprint has created a new collection of invitation cards designed for professionals. Our superior quality invitations will contribute to the elegant atmosphere of your festive event and thus to the satisfaction of your customers. Our digressive and competitive prices will also ensure that your event stays within your budget.


Simply personalize your texts and upload your logo: our invitations will then be sure to make a great impression on your customers.


International Business Card Etiquette


Global business has facilitated the diffusion and assimilation of different business practices from cultures worldwide.  In particular, Asian cultures have influenced the world in how we give and receive business cards.  More than a simple trading of contact information, the ritual of business card exchanges is a formal ceremony and has become an international business protocol. 


In Asian cultures, your business card is seen as a representation of who you are.  It should therefore be presented in pristine condition, just as your physical appearance.  You wouldn’t dream of wearing a dirty or wrinkled suit to a business meeting; the same goes for a crinkled business card. 


When introducing yourself, your business cards should be presented using the right hand or both hands.  Giving out your business card using the left hand is an insult in Muslim and other countries, so avoid making this mistake and disrespecting a new acquaintance.  Presenting your business cards using both hands, however, is seen as the highest form of respect.    


You should receive a business card in the same manner in which it was presented to you.  For example, if your new acquaintance presents his or her card to you in both hands, you should accept it with both hands.  Take time to study the card.  This will not only help you to remember facts about the person, but it also shows interest and esteem. 


Often, you’ll want to take notes about a person (send a brochure, interested in a certain product etc.) but you should never write on the business card.  The Japanese see this as the equivalent of writing on a person’s face!  Instead of committing such a gaffe, jot down reminders on a separate note pad. 


After a meeting, store your collected business cards in a carrying case; rubber bands and paper clips will damage the cards and show disrespect.  After you have stowed a business card in an appropriate case or holder, place it in a pocket on your upper body, not in your back pocket!  Think of the impolite message you would be sending by sitting on a person’s business card!  Most importantly, do not lose your contact’s business card!  This would be a major insult, and possibly the end of a professional relationship.


By following these guidelines, you will be confident in your knowledge of professional protocol and at ease when meeting new contacts from all over the world.


Order your own professional business cards on ooprint.

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