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And the winner is…!

The 3rd annual ooprint holiday card design competition has ended. We know that you are on the edge of your seats to hear who were announced the winners!

But first, we want to thank all the designers for their participation.  Your designs were very well received by the ooprint team and our customers. 

When the ooprint team sat down to decide on the jury prize winner, we were extremely impressed by the creativity and originality of the work. 

The decision was very difficult, so much so that we decided to award two “honorable mentions” based on artistic merit.


Without further ado . . . the winners:

Grand Prize (the card the most ordered by ooprint customers): Noura Aït Issa, Morocco


Jury Prize (selected by the ooprint artistic team): Tania Duffault, France

Carte Tania duffault

Honorable mention (selected by the ooprint artistic team):

- Aftab Arab, England

Aftab ARAB 

- Maxim Cyr, Canada

Maxim CYR 

Finalists (3rd to 5th place)

- Nor Azniza  Abdull Aziz, Malaysia

- Delfine Guevel, France

- Marie Durque, France

Finalists (6th to 8th place)

- Sébastien Bourgeois, France

- Anne Laborde, France

- Alex Chavot, France

Finalists (9th to 10th place)

- Mélanie Gautier, France

- Stéphane Le Brethon, France

Finalists (11th to 18th place)

- Aftab Arab, England

- Julien Kaltnecker, France

- Maxim Cyr, Canada

- Carolina Medberg Smith, United States   

- Paula Arquiola Lis, Spain

- Georges Bousquet, France

- Chien-Yu Kuo, Taïwan

- Darena Iliev, Italy

Thank you to all the designers for your participation and congratulations on your wonderful creations!

Didn’t participate this year?  You can still compete for the Grand Prize in the 4th annual ooprint Holiday Card Design Competition!  Stay tuned in 2010 for more details.

See you soon on ooprint.com!

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