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Designer Spotlight

ooprint would like to again congratulate the winners of the 2008 Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition, and publish some biographical information about these talented designers!

Grand Prize Winner: Jennifer Gordon

Our Grand Prize winner hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Jennifer Gordon graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a degree in Graphic Design.  She manages both a design website, www.velvetelvis.com, and a graphics forum, www.swankwithoutthewank.com.  She also has a full time contract at Internet Broadcasting Systems.  Jennifer is fully proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Dream Weaver, xhtml, and css.  When she's not designing, she enjoys reading, cooking, Facebooking, and spending time with her daughter.


Jury Prize Winner: Gaël Rabarijaona

Our Jury Prize Winner comes all the way from Madagascar!  Gaël Rabarijaona has been passionate about the internet and multimedia from a very young age.  He obtained a degree in graphic design and began his first job as a web designer at the age of 18.  Two years later, he and a partner created e-solve, a company that provides technical website support, internet marketing, and design solutions.  At e-solve Gaël is responsible for the design and creation of various products: from website and interactive CD-ROMs to posters, flyers, and pamplets.  He continually researches and stays up-to-date on the evolution of multimedia and graphic art trends. 


Competition Winners!!

The Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Competition has come to a close.  We received many creative entries, picked some very talented finalists, printed lots of holiday greeting cards, and now we are proud to announce the winners . . .

Grand Prize: Jennifer Gordon


Jury Prize: Gaël Rabarijaona


The Grand Prize was selected by the Ooprint customers based on sales, and the Jury Prize was selected by the Ooprint team based on design merit.

Congratulations, Jennifer and Gaël!

More information about these talented designers is coming soon . . .

Thanks again to everyone who participated in the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition!  We hope you will take part again next year!

Design Competition cards available for sale!


The wait is over!

The Holiday Greeting Cards designed by the finalists of the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition are now available for sale on ooprint.com!!

The best-selling card will win the competition Grand Prize and the designer will earn a cash prize!  So, please order freely!

These cards will only be available until January 15th, at which point we will announce the winners of the Grand Prize and Jury Prize.  So be sure to check our blog to find out the results of the competition!

Congratulations finalists!!

The first ever Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition was more popular than we could have imagined!

We received over 150 entries, and our designers cam from 16 countries: Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, England, Finland, France, Hungary, India, Madagascar, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, United States, and Wales.

Without further ado . . .

Congratulations to our finalists!!

Ana Aceves, UK

Aftab Arab, UK

Maegan Birri, USA

Tania Duffault, France

Eric Gainer, USA

Laetitia Gavini, France

Jennifer Gordon, USA

Nathan Hoffman, USA

Vladislava Hristova, Bulgaria

Samia Labib, Canada

Julia Laguarda, USA

Jocelyne Loaec, France

George Ovlachi, Hungary

Edith Pojum, Romania

Gaël Rabarijaona, Madagascar

Sanja Salih, Serbia

Maud Talêque, France

Ka Long To, USA

Joël Van Hoef, Belgium

Alice Wang, USA

Their designs are shown below and will also be added for sale on the ooprint websites from December 10th to January 15th.

Anaaceves1_2 Sanjaanja2 Aftabarab1 Maeganbirri1

Ana Aceves      Sanja Salih         Aftab Arab        Maegan Birri    

Taniaduffaut1 Ericgainer1_2 Laetitiagavini2 Jennifergordon1

  Tania Duffault      Eric Gainer        Laetitia Gavini   Jennifer Gordon

Jennifergordon2 Jennifergordon3 Jennifergordon4 Jennifergordon5

Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon

Jennifergordon6_2 Jennifergordon7 Jennifergordon8 Jennifergordon9

Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon   Jennifer Gordon

Jennifergordon10 Nathanhoffman1 Vladislava_hristova_1_page_1 Samialabib1

Jennifer Gordon  Nathan Hoffman Vladislava Hrisotva   Samia Labib

Julialaguarda1 Julialaguarda2 Jocelyneloaec2 Jocelyneloaec1

  Julia Laguarda    Julia Laguarda   Jocelyne Loaec   Jocelyne Loaec

Georgeovlachi1 Georgeovlachi2 Edithpojum3 Edithpojum4

George Ovlachi   George Ovlachi     Edith Pojum         Edith Pojum

Galrabarijaona3 Galrabarijaona4 Maudtalque1 Kalongto1

Gaël Rabarijaona Gaël Rabarijaona   Maud Talêque       Ka Long To

Joelvanhoef1 Joelvanhoef3 Joelvanhoef4 Joelvanhoef6

Joel Van Hoef      Joel Van Hoef     Joel Van Hoef      Joel Van Hoef

Joelvanhoef7 Joelvanhoef9 Joelvanhoef12 Alicewang3_2

  Joel Van Hoef     Joel Van Hoef     Joel Van Hoef       Alice Wang


The best-selling card will be awarded the Grand Prize of $1000.  The Jury Prize of $500 will be awarded based on design merit and decided by the Ooprint team.  Both winners will be announced on January 15, 2008.

Ooprint would like to thank all of the Design Competition participants:

Annie Chen, USA

Isabelle Choi, Canada

Hannah Christopher, India

Sarah Chubb, UK

Benoît Collange, France

Anne Collaud, France

Katie Conrad, USA

Sudipta Dasgupta, India

VinhToan Duong, USA

Anne-Sophie Dupire, France

Elizabeth Ellenwood, USA

Anthea Elliot, UK

Michéle Guérineau, France

Sybil Harris, UK

Doreen Kang, USA

Shekhar Kumar, India

James Levannais, Wales

Milva Ljutova, Bulgaria

Daria Malyushina, Russia

Omar Marcos, USA

Eric Matveeff, France

Yael Miller, USA

Magali Parise, France

Silky Patel, India

Lori Pearson, USA

Nina Penewa, Bulgaria

Ashley Penja, Australia

Katrina Poor, USA

Kalina Popova, Bulgaria

Juha Roisko, Finland

Ilaria Rosso, UK

Sébastien Saouter, France

Annabel Seaton, UK

Shirley Shao, USA

Rebecca Sherfey, USA

Marie-Ange Solas, France

Robyn Virtue, USA

Derek Xiao, USA

Shannon Yu, USA

Grace Zhang, USA

Unfortunately, we couldn't pick everyone to be a finalist.  But, we hope that you will all participate in our competition again next year!

Again, congratulations to all on your excellent designs!!

Stay updated on the competition outcome by visiting our blog.

Competition closed

The deadline for submissions to the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition has passed.

Thank you to all designers who participated!  The Ooprint team is having a great time looking through all the creative cards we received!!

The finalists will be announced on December 5th.

Please be sure to check back on our blog for all the competition news and updates!

Competition Countdown!

T-3 days until the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition deadline!!!

This is a final reminder for all designers to make their finishing touches, and submit your cards to competition2008@ooprint.com.

Designs must be received by midnight on November 30th

The Ooprint team will then spend hours pouring over the wonderful designs we have received.  Finalists will be announced on our blog and our competition website on December 5th.

Best of luck!!



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