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Holiday card design competition : have a look at the finalists' designs

You were waiting for them since the names of the finalists have been announced, here they are : the artwork of the finalists' cards ! These cards will soon be available in our holiday cards catalog, on


Competition finalists revealed !


Thank you to all the designers who participated in the Ooprint Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition.  We were very impressed by the quality and creativity of the cards that were submitted.


We received over 190 entries, and our designers came from  Belgium, Canada, China, England, Spain, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Scotland, Swiss, Tunisia, USA...


Congratulations to our finalists!!


Aftab Arab, England

Alex Chavot, France

Anne Laborde, France

Carolina Medberg Smith, USA

Chien-Yu Kuo, Taiwan

Darena Iliev, Italy

DelFine Guevel, France

Georges Bousquet, France

Julien Kaltnecker, France

Marie Durque, France

Maxim Cyr, Canada

Mélanie Gautier, France

Nor Azniza Bt Abdull Aziz, Malaysia

Noura Aït Issa, Morocco

Paula Arquiola Lis, Spain

Sebastien Bourgeois, France

Stephane Le Brethon, France

Tania Duffault, France


Their designs are shown below.  These Holiday Greeting Cards will be added for sale to the ooprint websites from November 14 – January 20. 


The best-selling card will be awarded the Grand Prize of $1000.  The Jury Prize of $500 will be awarded based on design merit and decided by the Ooprint team.  Both winners will be announced on January 22, 2010.   


We hope that you will all participate in our competition again next year!


Logo_ext_enDue to many requests, we have decide to reschedule the competition's deadline. You have now until midnight on November 2nd to submit your designs.

The finalists will be announced and their designs put online on November 6th.

Wacom, newest sponsor of the ooprint Holiday Card Design Competition


We’re very excited to announce that Wacom, provider of tablets and displays for creative professionals, has joined the ranks of sponsors of the 3rd annual Holiday Card Design Competition.


The best news?  Wacom is contributing three Bamboo Fun Medium tablets and three Bamboo Fun Small tablets to the competition winners!

Check out the competition page for more details about the amazing prizes:

3rd Annual ooprint Holiday Card Design Competition (First prize 1000€)


Designers, to your sketchbooks!


The 3rd Annual ooprint Holiday Card Design Competition is officially open.  This annual design competition is a wonderfully exciting event, for you designers as well as for the ooprint team!  The number of submissions and design quality has increased from year to year, making the selection of finalists an even more difficult decision.  We’re up for the challenge, so send us as many creative, original, and exciting designs as you like. 


Feeling motivated?  Start sketching!  The competition is tight, and the stakes are high . . . we’re giving out tons of great prizes, from ooprint and our sponsors.  This year, we’re excited to announce that a new partner has joined the fun, the tee-shirt design company la Fraise. 


It’s up to you, designers, to set the bar of artistic excellence.  We’re counting on your creativity to make this year’s competition the best yet!  Good luck!   

MicroDon: The card that keeps on giving


Professionals, individuals, and even not-for-profit companies trust ooprint to supply them with printed products. Such is the case of microDON, a French organization whose purpose is to aid companies with fundraising campaigns for various associations (humanitarian, social, or environmental).  microDON also proposes a complementary charitable operation which is centered on the carteDON (literally, a gift card), which is located at the checkout lines of supermarkets and allows customers to make a donation to a specific association sponsored by the given supermarket.  A very noble activity which merits public attention and publicity!


To get the word out about its activity, microDON relies in part on printed marketing materials.  As they already have their own style guidelines, the organization chose from our collection of blank models, giving them the possibility to upload their own original designs.  In particular, MicroDon personalized invitation cards to announce their launch.  Similarly, they uploaded their design to our blank model business cards for their employees.  In just a few clicks microDON was able to order a collection of completely personalized printed products.     


Whether your have your own graphic guidelines or not, you can order your printed products on ooprint. Either upload your creations to one of our blank models, or choose from our collections of business cards and invitations.


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