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Add your own art!

Ooprint would like to especially thank the art students of Fang Studios in California, United States for taking such a great interest in our Holiday Greeting Card Design Competition.  We received some wonderful designs from these students, featured below:

Anniechen_2 Doreenekang_2 Shirleyshao_2 Alicewang_2

      Annie Chen          Doreene Kang        Shirley Shao            Alice Wang

Derekxiao_2 Shannonyu_3 Gracezhang_2

    Derek Xiao              Shannon Yu           Grace Zhang 

We'd also like to thank them for sharing a great idea . . . add your own art to your Holiday Greeting Cards!

Ooprint offers Blank Models in every format, from business cards to greeting cards.  Simply upload your own PDF or JPG file to the appropriate blank model, and ooprint will print your own designs!!

This is especially a great idea during the holiday season.  Artists, why not send a holiday card featuring your original work?  and Parents, you can send a holiday card showing off the talent of your children!

Again, thanks Fang Studios for sharing your beautiful designs and great ideas!!

Do YOU need a business card?

YES.  No matter who you are, or what you do, you need a business card. 

Traditionally, business cards are used by businesses.  But that’s simply no longer the case.  In today’s ultra-connected world, the business card serves as an important social networking tool for anyone. 

With the popularity of websites such as YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, Ziki, Facebook and personal blogs, social networking has become a huge occupation.  These sites can be used not only for keeping up with friends, but for making new connections, showing off resumes and portfolios, contacting employers, attracting clients, and reaching out to business partners.  They are used by everyone from businessmen to stay-at-home moms to tech-savvy teenagers.  People now need a way to strengthen these connections outside the virtual world; business cards are now becoming a leading advertising and social tool. 

Staples’ President of Business Services, Rob Schlacter, confirmed this phenomenon in a recent press release, noting the popularity of “social cards.”  This modern calling card is now a means of personal advertising and connecting with new contacts.  People in the dating scene now give out their personal cards at night clubs and singles events.  Young students can advertise their MySpace pages.  Parents can pass around emergency contact information for their children.  There really is a card for everyone!

Ooprint is already ahead of the trend, offering a wide variety of business and social cards.  Professionals can upload their logo to our business cards, anyone can pass out their contact information with our classic calling cards or fun square cards, bloggers can promote their URL with our blogger cards, and advertisers can sell their products and services with our vertical cards.  So no matter what your purpose, you will find a business card that meets your needs on ooprint.com!





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